Who owns the software at the end of a project?
Ownership of the software is handled on a case by case basis. Most of our engagements are subject to our standard time and materials contract which states that the customer owns the work product as long as we are paid in full.  However, not every engagement has this arrangement. Ultimately, ownership is dictated by the contract for that particular engagement.  


Does Savvy Otter do fixed-bid proposals?
Rarely. Building software is a dynamic process.  Fixed bid models can restrict customers from making necessary mid-project changes because they are locked in a fixed bid contract.  At Savvy Otter we believe an agile development methodology produces the best software. While the primary objective will likely stay the same, priorities and requirements within a project often change over time.  With a time & materials contract, changes aren’t a problem. Customers can avoid timely and costly overplanning, have more control over priorities and have the opportunity to give valuable and actionable feedback throughout the development process. 


What technologies and languages do you work with?
The team at Savvy Otter has literally decades of combined years of experience developing software. All of that experience has given us a broad skill set which we use to explore and select the best tools for your project.  Our primary technology stack is:

  • Web:  .NET (c#) 
  • Database:  SQL Server, MYSQL
  • Hosting:  Cloud hosting AWS


Do you provide free estimates?
Yes.  For many projects, we can gather requirements over the course of 1-2 discovery sessions.  Once requirements are understood, time and cost estimates are provided. For some larger and/or more complex projects, the requirements gathering phase can be quite significant and may require a paid discovery engagement.  We’ll work with you to determine the best option for your project.   


Do you have experience with cloud hosting?
Yes.  We have a private cloud on AWS to host our clients’ websites and applications.  


Do you have experience developing APIs?
Yes, we have years of experience developing and integrating with APIs and web services.    

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